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Product Lifecycle – Use

Our high performance products are designed to reduce how much our customers need and use to get the job done.

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Improving product performance is at the heart of everything we do.  Better performance means you consume less, refill less and throw less away.

We make KLEENEX® Brand and SCOTT® Brand towels using AIRFLEX* Technology so users need fewer towels to dry their hands.

The result: more towels left in the dispenser, more time between refills, less paper waste and in many cases less cost for your business.

It’s this focus on reducing consumption of resources at every stage of the product lifecycle that helps us offer you high-performing, environmental choices.

Smart Dispensers help us understand how products are used and wasted.We use Smart Dispensers in research to understand how different formats, different sheet sizes and different sheet thicknesses affect how much is used and wasted.  

We use these insights to help design products that can be more efficient in-use. Which can reduce how much is consumed overall – reducing today, respecting tomorrow. 

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