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Folded Toilet Tissue

The Folded Toilet Tissue system was designed with efficient dispensing in mind. Single sheet dispensing system, means fewer tissues are used compared to traditional rolls, therefore resulting in improved cost in use for our customers and in less waste. Folded Toilet Tissue also takes up less space than rolled, helping KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* and our customers to transport more product in fewer trucks, allowing all of us to continue to lower our carbon emissions.

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WYPALL* X Cloths

Helping to reduce the volume of waste and therefore landfill, can easily be achieved by switching from rags to our wipers.

Rags take up a lot of storage space and generate a lot of waste. Our WYPALL*X Cloths weigh 5 times less than standard rags and take up less space, which means less waste is sent for disposal, reducing your costs.The environmental impact of our products does not end once they leave our factories. By being smarter about packaging design, we can reduce the total waste our customers have to dispose of.


Scott* Hard Roll Towel

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* has engineered a towel that is just the right size and bulk to dry hands quickly and effectively, whilst using less fibre and reducing the overall impact on the environment. You can reduce today and waste less by using the perfect combination of the SCOTT* Hard Roll Towel and the KIMBERLY-CLARK* LEV-R-Matic Hand Towel Dispenser. Another great example of how we design products with their environmental impact in mind.


KLEENGUARD* G10  Grey Nitrile Gloves

Optimising transport and packaging is part of the solution. At KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* this is a critical element of the design stage. Optimising our glove packaging means that we can pack 50% more gloves per case than latex, without compromising product quality. This results in less packaging waste and lower transport costs, helping us and you to drive down carbon emissions.

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Lifecycle Video

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We examine our product’s whole lifecycle

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